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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Design of Sustainable Tourism System - Progettazione dei Sistemi Turistici

Submission of the study plan


STUDY PLAN 2019/20:

Students are required to fill their study plan during the first year of master degree.

Students can submit their study plan through the on-line system accessible on the link, according to the deadlines indicated by UniFI each Academic Year.

Dates and deadline will be communicated as soon as possible.



STUDY PLANS 2018/2019


Students can submit their study plan through the on-line system accessible on the link

The on-line procedure is valid for students enrolled in the 2017/18 and 2018/19 (2017 and 2018 cohorts. Go to the end of this page for a definition of “cohort”).

Students of previous cohorts (enrolled before 2017) or included in the following categories have to submit the study plan using the paper form (see below in this page for the instructions):

  • students non regularly enrolled in the current Academic Year;
  • students enrolled at the third or higher year (the so-called “fuori corso”),
  • students with an individual study plan already approved;
  • students who are about to graduate who have already submitted a study plan using the paper form.


Note: students who, after a change, a transfer or a career reduction want to include in the study plan one or more exams not included in the on-line procedure, have to submit the study plan using the paper form.



The on-line procedure for the study plan submission is available at the link

Before starting the procedure, students are strongly encouraged to see the tutorial  ( and carefully read the Study Plan submission guide (

Please also refer to the DSTS webpage about study plans for the list of admissible exams for your cohort, the exams rules and the FAQ.

On-line study plan submission period: from 02/04/2019 to 02/06/2019.

After its registration, a study plan cannot be modified.

If the study plan is rejected by the Commission, the student can submit another plan in the same period if deadline is not expired or in the following period (dates will be communicated on this webpage soon) and in any case before June 15, 2019. For further information students can write an e-mail to economia.pianistudio(AT)



Students enrolled before 2017 or included in the one of the categories listed above, have to submit the study plan using the paper form during the period April 15 2019 – June 2 2019.

Click here to download the paper form.

The new (or changed) study plan has to be submitted to the study plan tutors who will decide about its approval. The student have to scan the approved (i.e., signed by the tutor) study plan and send it to economia.pianistudio(AT) Note that the Office will accept only study plan sent using the institutional students’ email address, that is  name.surname(AT)

The study plan tutor for DSTS are: 

  • Prof. Andrea Marescotti (andrea.marescotti(AT)
  • Prof. Elena Pirani (elena.pirani(AT)



According to the article 17-4 of the Didactic Regulation of the University of Florence “In cases of necessity and urgency, adequately motivated, the student can present a request for a change of an approved study plan at least thirty days before the presentation of the request of graduation to the students secretary
[“In casi di necessità e urgenza, adeguatamente motivati, lo studente può presentare domanda di variazione al piano di studio approvato almeno trenta giorni prima della presentazione della domanda di tesi di laurea alla segreteria student”]

The request of an extraordinary change of the study plan has to be submitted using the appropriate form and presented to the student office.

The request must be adequately motivated explaining the reasons of the exams change and its urgency (e.g., incoming terms for graduation). The Didactic Committee will evaluate the request also considering if it is really necessary and urgent.



In order to receive help and support for the study plan submission, students can write an email to economia.pianistudio(AT) Note that the Office will consider only emails sent using the institutional student email address (name.surname(AT) and where the subject is “Study plan” (or “Piano di studi”). In the email text write: the ID number (that is “matricola”), the Master Degree Program (that is: Design of Sustainable Tourism Systems) and describe in a clear and detailed way the problem.



Cohort definition

The cohort is the ensemble of students enrolled for the first time, in a given academic year, to a Master Degree Course.

  • Example: the students enrolled for the first time at the first year of DSTS in the academic year 2018/19 are the 2018 cohort. 


In case of a change/transfer/career reduction, if the student is allowed to enroll to a year following the first one, he/she is assigned to the cohort corresponding to the students of the same year.

  • Example: a student who, after a transfer (e.g., from another University or another Master degree) is admitted for the academic year 2018/19 to the second year, will belong to the 2017 cohort.


In the system for the management of students’ careers, the cohort corresponds to the year of regulation.



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