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UniFI Include

UniFi for inclusion

  • UniFi Include is a center which brings together, in an integrated approach, all initiatives that promote equality and inclusion, according to the various fields of action.
  • The Unifi Include desk is located at the Novoli Campus (via delle Pandette, 30), building D1, ground floor. Read more (Italian website). The desk is open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2 pm.
  • Info: 331 2348623 | 331 2348583
  • To make an appointment with Psychological Support or the Orientation Service you need to use the UFirst booking system on their website or the mobile app available on Google play and the AppStore.


Services for Disabled Students

The University of Florence has been active for many years to offer students with disabilities equal opportunities in their right to education, by implementing specific actions to remove obstacles limiting their integration in the university world. 
The University of Florence places empowerment of inclusion at the centre of its policies, fostering sustainable growth and accessibility of the university community.

  • The university office which coordinates, monitors and supports initiatives to help students with disabilities to successfully integrate into academic life. Within each School, there are faculty members who act as reference points for disabled students.
  • Visit the UniFI webpage on disability (in Italian; in English) to have more information.




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