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Master Program in Design of Sustainable Tourism Systems - DSTS
(Laurea magistrale in  Progettazione e gestione dei sistemi turistici - LM-49)


The two years Master Program (second level degree) aims to provide a thorough understanding, at the university master level, of the contemporary techniques of organization and management of tourism activities. The Master Program is characterized by an interdisciplinary program.

DSTS will provide you with competences for the sustainable management and organization of tourism activities based on the economic, natural, and cultural heritage of the territory. The graduates will acquire the basic competence in the fields of human and social sciences, a good command of statistical techniques, indispensable for a real-world interpretation of tourism trends and of taste changes of the tourist population. The Master Program also provides legislative, historical and geographical knowledge useful for promoting the preservation of rural development and biodiversity, and enhancing its value.


DSTS master program offers a large variety of internships, seminars with leading professionals and experts in the tourism sectors, participation to tourism-related events, and possibilities for international mobility.


Click here to have more details about the professional profiles offered by the DSTS Master Program.T he Master Degree could also give access to the PhD Programs.


The final certification is: laurea magistrale (like Master degree or second level degree) in
LM-49 Progettazione e gestione dei sistemi turistici.


DSTS at a glance: presentation of the course, open day 2023 (slides)


DSTS courses

DSTS master program provides interdisciplinary competencies that involve:

  1. managing and developing activities related with:
    - the natural and economic local resources (i.e., Agri-food economics; Sustainable tourism for local system development; Food, globalization and sustainability; Economics and management of agritourism; Food & Wine marketing);
    - cultural resources, skills and competencies for tourism (i.e., Organization design and people management in the tourism industry; Economic history of tourism; Destination management);
    - law and contracts in tourism and travel activities (Travel and tourism contracts; Tourism and law; Financial markets and institutions)
  2. measuring and monitoring the outcomes and impacts of tourism (i.e. Economic statistics for tourism, Statistical information systems for tourism, Social statistics for tourism, Demography and tourism);
  3. foreign language different from English (Spanish, French, German).

For more details, take a look of the section dedicated to study plan, or directly check the syllabus of the courses.


Useful material to learn more about DSTS master program

  • DSTS graduates: effectiveness of the course, and satisfaction (AlmaLaurea)
  • DSTS Master Program presentation on the online platform Federica WebLearning - you need to register to the platform and looking for the MOOC "UniFI Orienta - Economia e impresa"; then click on "Esplora i corsi" (Explore courses) and select "Design of Sustainable Tourism Systems". There you can find a presentation of the Master Program and some brief videos where some our teachers present you the content of their courses (videos in English language).
  • @ International Students: general and practical information about the University of Florence: here




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