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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Design of Sustainable Tourism System - Progettazione dei Sistemi Turistici

International mobility

Learning agreement

January-April 2019 - Prof. Laura Grassini
From 2018 - Dr. Francesa Giambona (francesca.giambona(AT) - on maternity leave untill april 2019
2017 - Prof. Patrizia Pinelli (patrizia.pinelli(AT)
2015-2017 - Prof. Daniele Vignoli (daniele.vignoli(AT)
Before 2015 - Prof. Reinhard Schmidt (

IMPORTANT - Study period abroad (Erasmus, etc.)
From academic year 2016/2017, only a 6-month period abroad is admitted. You must choose exams from master courses or 4/5-year courses.

General information and offices
International mobility (School of Economics and Management)

How to organize your departure (in Italian, School of Economics and Management)



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