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Study plan paper forms

Students who cannot use the online procedure have to submit the study plan using the paper form.

Choose the appropriate form depending your situation (first submission or change).

The new study plan must be agreed upon with the study plan tutor and signed by him/her.


  • Here you can find the paper forms to fill only if you are not allowed to use the online procedure and you have never presented a study plan.
    In the field "Note per lo studente" please indicate the changes you made.

      Select the form referring to your cohort (i.e., year of enrollment):

     2022  2021     2020     2019     2018     2017     2016     2015     2014
If the form for your coort is not available here, check the dedicated section on the School of Economics & Management website (and in case write to the School to ask the form).



For the extraordinary procedure to change the study plan (only for students who are about to graduate), check the appropriate section of the DSTS web site






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