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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Design of Sustainable Tourism System - Progettazione dei Sistemi Turistici

How to enrol



Procedure: two steps

1) Preliminary assessment ("Domanda di valutazione"):  we evaluate the curriculum requirements (see below). Three possible outcomes:
1. Your application is successful and you can enrol to the master program (i.e. the "Nulla Osta" is provided. You can pass to the second step, see below)
2. You do not meet some or all the admission requirements. You have to send additional documents or pass an exam.
3. You do not meet the admission requirements: you are not admitted to the master program.

2) Enrolment: when you receive the "Nulla OSTA" (i.e., all requirements are met) you may enrol. In this second step, foreign applicants or applicants with academic titles acquired abroad have to provide additional documentation (e.g. validations of foreign academic titles).

Important: you can enrol on DSTS Master Program only once you have received the document called NULLA OSTA, which proves that you satisfy all the requirements. You cannot enrol before first level graduation.

Check here further instructions and deadlines. At this UniFI webpage, you can find more information for Enrolment of non-EU students residing abroad.



How to present the "Domanda di valutazione" (for the preliminary assessment).

All applicant students must fill the application form for assessment.

  • You can download here the application form (rtf; pdf)


Italian and EU graduate students have to submit the filled form, together with all the documents needed to prove requirements, to the Student Academic Office, Polo di Novoli, by email at english.msc(AT) The final evaluation will the communicated by this office.

Non-EU graduate students must send the application with the related documentation to the International desk of the University, which will deliver it to us for the preliminary assessment. We will send the final decision to the International desk, which will inform you also about the second step.

Please send the documents in PDF or RTF format  (no jpeg or any other format).




Before applying, please carefully read the list of requirements needed for enrollement, and check the list of documents needed to demonstrate your requirements:

  • admission requirements: check the requirements
  • how to prove the English and/or foreign language requirement: pdf
  • how to prove the computer science requirement: pdf

Please note that NO OTHER documents will be taken into account!
Please send the documents in PDF format  (no jpeg or any other format)





As for the Academic Year 2021/2022 you can apply for admission from April 2021.

We adopt the same deadlines established by the University of Florence. Please check here the deadlines (Italian; English).

Courses will start on September 2021.

Once the application is submitted to the Student Academic Office, your request will be evaluated by the Didactic Committee or the Master Degree Board by one month, and the final decision will be communicated to you by the Office.


Other information and useful links

Other general information about enrollment at the University of Florence are available clicking on the following links:



ENROLLEMENT to the Second year




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