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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Design of Sustainable Tourism System - Progettazione dei Sistemi Turistici

Changes to an approved study plan

An already approved study plan can be modified following the same procedure followed for the first study plan (see the Submission section).

Students can fill in only one study plan per year.

If you change an approved study plan, you cannot graduate before next July and you must pay the entire tuition fee for the new academic year. Extraordinary procedure is exploitable only by students who are about to graduate before July 2021.



According to the article 17-4 of the Didactic Regulation of the University of Florence “In cases of necessity and urgency, adequately motivated, the student can present a request for a change of an approved study plan at least thirty days before the presentation of the request of graduation to the students secretary
[“In casi di necessità e urgenza, adeguatamente motivati, lo studente può presentare domanda di variazione al piano di studio approvato almeno trenta giorni prima della presentazione della domanda di tesi di laurea alla segreteria student”]

The request of an extraordinary change of the study plan has to be submitted using the appropriate form together with a 16 Euro stamp ("marca da bollo"). The filled form has to be sent to Please remember to use your official mail address ( ) for any communication, on the contrary an answer is not guarantee. Please indicate in the object of the email: VARIAZIONE STRAORDINARIA PIANO DI STUDIO

The request must be adequately motivated explaining the reasons of the exams change and its urgency (e.g., incoming terms for graduation). The Didactic Committee will evaluate the request also considering if it is really necessary and urgent.



- your choice must be adequately motivated, or your request will be rejected;
- only minimal changes are allowed, on the contrary your request will be rejected;
- before to present the request, contact the study plan tutors to check if you are eligible for this extraordinary procedure.

last update: 19-Nov-2020
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