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Professional profiles

Professional profiles offered by the DSTS Master Program

Profile 1: the first profile corresponds to a professional figure working within public administrations or organizations offering services to those who are responsible for the development of the territory. This profile is an expert in the enhancement of the natural, historical-cultural and architectural resources of the territory, and will be able to identify the levers and concrete actions of development and monitoring of a tourist destination, in order to make it competitive and sustainable; it also deals with the identification and preparation of the methods and tools for stakeholder engagement.

Job profiles and activities in this domain includes for instance management specialists in the public administration or in private companies, market analysts, and specialists in public relations, image and similar professions.


Profile 2: the second profile corresponds to a professional figure, working both as a freelancer and within private or public organizations, who aim at the organization of local events or territorial promotion (Convention bureau, hotels, museums, etc.). This profile is an expert for all the activities of planning, coordination and managing needed for the realization of an event: he/she will be able i) to manage the relations with the various suppliers (accommodation facilities, transporters, restaurant services, translation, equipment, etc.), ii) to design and prepare the communication materials for the event, leading and coordinating the graphic experts, and iii) to prepare control tools and indicators to monitor the success of the event.

This profile relies to activities developped by specialists in the marketing of goods and services, chief responsible and organizers of trade fairs, exibitions, conferences and cultural events.


Profile 3: the third profile corresponds to a professional figure who works both as a freelancer and within public or private organizations, dealing with the construction of a touristic offer aimed at different population segments. This profile has expertise in grasping and studying the needs of the target, especially the new instances of environmental and social sustainability, and in transforming them in tourist routes and/or activities (stay, visits, wellness services, etc.). This profile also deals with the tourism promotion for the various targets, playing a leading role in the intermediation of the tourism product, also acting with a business risk or as a travel agent.

Professional profiles included in this area refer for instance to directors and managers of companies working in the accomodation and catering services, manager of cultural and trade events, travel agents.




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