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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Design of Sustainable Tourism System - Progettazione dei Sistemi Turistici

Self-evaluation of course quality

For the Quality of education, this master degree provides a self-evalutation group (GdR - "Gruppo di Riesame", i.e., Review Group). This group is a committee composed by three professors, one delegate of the aministrative offices, and one delegate of the student part, and its mission is the self-evaluation of the educational offer of the Master Degree course. This group prepares annually a self-evaluation report.

Moreover, within the School of Economics and Management, the Joint Teachers-Students Committee (Commissione Paritetica Docenti-Studenti - CPDS) has the task to monitor the School educational offer, the quality of teaching, and the services available to students.

  • Commissione Paritetica docenti-studenti (link to the School of Economics and Management: Italian; English)


In order to have more information about the UniFI structures created to monitor and guarantee the quality of the University, you can check the UniFi web site:


Other useful links and information

  • The university level education for tourism in Italy (in Italian, pdf)
    Some overall comments and slides (in Italian) on the monitoring activity made on the First and Second level degrees on tourism issues, by Prof. Laura Grassini. The report has been presented on March 17, 2017, in Rome, during the latest meeting between the Presidents of the University courses on Toursim (Make Tourism  conference, 2017).
  • Scheda Unica Annuale dei Corsi di Studio (UniFi link, in Italian)
    These forms are available on this external link (in Italian).

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