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Foreign Language Lab

English/French/German/Spanish language labs


Foreign language labs of English, French, German and Spanish are offered specifically for DSTS students, and they deal with language skill and competences in general and in the specific frame of tourism.

  • French, German and Spanish labs are offered both at advanced and intermediate level. Please contact the professors of the 9-credit language course for further information (check here).
  • English lab is only at advanced level. Please contact the professor of the 9-credit English course for additional information (check here).The English laboratory is strongly recommended if you may not (or do not) choose English as a compulsory/optional exam.  

Language labs for other languages are generally not allowed. Contact prof. Ilona Cziraky (ilona.cziraky(AT) for further information.


Italian Language Lab


The Italian language lab (free of charge)  is reserved for foreign students. To acquire the 3 credits  Foreign language lab, students have to attend and pass the B2 level course.
In order to facilitate students who do not possess an Italian language basis, we also offer an A2, B1 Italian language lab. They are preparatory courses and are not sufficient to get credits alone (periodically check the website for information about registration to the Italian Language Lab).
These three courses are offered each semester.
For class and schedules check the News section of our website, we will update it when the course calendar is available.

Although the Italian language lab is formally a learning activity of the second year, students who do not know Italian should start the courses as soon as possible.

We suggest to attend the B1 course in the winter semester, and the B2 course in the spring semester. These courses are offered free of charge for DSTS international students. Check the News section of our website for updates.

CLA also offers other courses during the year, with a fee of 50 Euros. Check here for further information (but we suggest you to attend the free course, specifically held for DSTS students).

Info at:

After attending the course and passing the exam you must ask the CLA to send your certification to english.msc(AT)

For further information about the choice of the Language Labs, please check the study plan section (especially FAQs) on this website.


Other languages - CLA (Centro Linguistico di Ateneo - University Language Centre)


Language labs for languages other than English, French, Spanish, German are generally not allowed. In case, contact prof. Ilona Cziraky (ilona.cziraky(AT) for further information: No CLA certification will be accepted unless previously agreed with Prof. Cziraky.

If the course is allowed, please remember:

  • No English CLA courses.
  • The CLA language course must be at a higher level than that already reached during the bachelor program.
  • You must inform the CLA and the professor that you are a student of Design of Sustainable Tourism Systems
  • After attending the course and passing the exam you must ask the CLA to send your certification to english.msc(AT)




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