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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Design of Sustainable Tourism System - Progettazione dei Sistemi Turistici

Seminars and other teaching activities of 2018/19

List of seminars and other teaching activities organized within the Master courses, 2018/19


Course on Travel and Tourism Contracts - Second Semester

  • Wednesday, May 27th (2 pm - 4 pm)
    Carla Pernite: Bit Coins and Smart Contracts
  • Thursday, May 2nd (12 am - 2 pm) and Friday, May 3rd (8.30 am - 10 am)
    Marco Rissuti: B2C contracts
  • Thursday, May 9th (12 am - 2 pm)
    Francesca Degli Innocenti: Environmental Protection and Sustainability
  • Wednesday, May 15th (2 pm - 4 pm) and Thursday, May 16th (12 am - 2 pm) 
    Luigi Vigoriti: Mediation and Arbitration
  • Wednesday, May 22th (2 pm - 4 pm)
    Caterina Mugelli: Cultural Heritage Protection
  • Thursday, May 23rd (12 am - 2 pm) and Friday, May 24th (8.30 am - 10 am)
    Pietro Messina: Montreal Convention


Course on Economics and Management of Agritourism - First Semester

  • Thursday, October 11th (12 am - 2 pm, building D5, room 0.02)
    Chiara Mazzocchi (University of Milan): Assessing social and environmental value of agriculture: methods and case studies
  • Wednesday, October 31st (4pm - 6pm, building D6, room 0.11)
    Alessio Cavicchi (University of Macerata): Boosting innovation in Gastronomic Tourism and Rural Development through University-business collaboration
  • Thursday, November 15th (12 am - 2 pm, building D5, room 0.02)
    Irene Burberi (Marchesi Antinori): An agritourism case study: Fonte de' Medici, Montefiridolfi (FI)
  • Thursday, November 22th (12 am - 2 pm, building D5, room 0.02)
    Manuela Gabbai (free lance consultant): Digital marketing and luxury tourism in Tuscany: a case study
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