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Seminars on Wine knowledge

February 27, March 5

We are glad to inform you that we organized a double seminar on “Wine knowledge” on

- February 27th, h. 9.30-12.00, room D6-0.05

- March 5th, h. 9.30-12.00, room D6-0.06

The seminars will be conducted by Dr. Parenti, a professional expert in the field of enological consulting and wine marketing. Please find below the provisional program.

All interested students are warmly invited to participate. Seminars’ content is strictly relied with DSTS Master Program and can be useful to improve your competencies. Participation is mandatory for those who are interested in the Food & Wine Tourism thematic track (please check here:


Provisional program:

1st meeting – Tuesday February 27th

  • From the vineyard to the cellar
  • Grape composition and ripening curve
  • Basic differences between reds and whites
  • Fermentation and its dynamics
  • Maturation: steel vs wood


2nd – Tuesday March 5th

  • Main characteristics of Tuscan and international grape varieties
  • Alternative vinifications: sparkling, "orange wines," natural wines
  • Basic analytical parameters of wines and their impact on wine characteristics
  • Closures and containers: new packaging solutions

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