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Start of lessons

Important variations to the official schedule, please pay attention

Lessons start on Wednesday 13th.

You can check class schedule (time and location) on Kairos: first year; second year.

Please note that some variations apply for the first weeks of the courses (regardless what written on Kairos). In particular:

  • Economic history of tourism: lectures will start on October 5th, following the time and locations in Kairos, i.e.,
    • Monday: 10:15-13:30
    • Thursday: 12.00-13.30; 14.30-15.45
  • Demography and tourism: lectures start regularly on September 18th, but with the following schedule:
    • Monday: 
      10:15-11:45 from September 18th to October 2nd
      08:30-10:00 from October 9th to November 13th
    • Tuesday: 
      14:30-17:45 (regular time for all semester)
  • Data analysis lab: lectures will start on Thursday, October 5th, to allow students to participate in the event "The Festival dell'Economia Civile" ( that will be held on 27-29 September also at the Novoli Campus .
    Attendance is mandatory.

For more information, please check the notices on this website, or the Moodle pages of the courses.

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